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In China, African timber sales are relatively stable

According to market feedback, the price of African lumber has remained stable recently. Among them, the varieties with the largest shipment volume are small zebra, red zebra, yellow rose and black sandalwood, etc., which have been in the market since February.

Take a look at some African timber prices.

The prices of small zebras produced in Gabon and Cameroon are different. The price of small zebras produced in Gabon has not fluctuated much this year, ranging from 6,800 to 7,000 yuan per cubic meter; while the price of small zebras produced in Cameroon has increased by 100 yuan per cubic meter in mid-February , currently maintained at 5900-6000 yuan / cubic.

The price of big zebras is maintained at 8500-9000 yuan per cubic meter. At the same time, the price of Sapele furniture materials changed slightly at the beginning of the year, dropping by 300 yuan per cubic meter. At present, the price is still at 4500 yuan/cubic, and it is expected that there will be room for upward adjustment in the later period.

The prices of sawn timber in Central and West Africa, mainly Ayous (white wood), ebony and good wood African neem, were at the same level as at the end of last year, and the market was relatively stable. In terms of logs, the price of BC/C Sapele logs rose slightly in February. The supply in the market is sufficient and there is no shortage yet. The FOB price of African thali remained at the price in December last year, between 260 euros per cubic meter.

It can be said that in the past three years, the prices of the African timber market have experienced ups and downs. In fact, most prices are still lower than the level before the epidemic.

However, with last year’s furniture market, African materials still maintained a certain degree of enthusiasm, especially African wood, mainly small zebras and large zebras, are more popular in the furniture market, and this year’s furniture exhibitions across the country have been scheduled, and it is expected that This will bring strong prospects for the African timber market.


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