The basic principle of sorting and packing is an individual approach and the quality of the work performed.

The main grades:

  • U/S  (A, 1-4);
  • S/F  (A,B 1-5);
  • Vl    (C, 6);
  • Vll   (D,7).

Experts identify the main defects according to which sorting into quality groups is performed:

Knots are healthy and dead, accrete and non-accrete, rotten, fallen out or falling out.

Through and non-through cracks, lateral, ends.

Defects in wood structure: core, grain slope, resin pockets, sprouting, wane.

Fungal and insect damage, blue.

Warping of the material after drying, wave after sawing.

Packaging and labeling

UWGROUP packages products in order to preserve them from spoilage when exposed to climatic factors.

In most cases, the product are packed using a special membrane (double-sided film for protection from ultraviolet radiation and moisture). Transport packages are tied with polypropylene or metal straps.

  • Maintains a stable moisture level
  • Protects against ultraviolet radiation
  • Keeps an even temperature inside the transport package
  • Prevents premature spoilage of the product from rotting and fungus

The customer’s wishes regarding the packaging and labeling of the product are separately taken into account when signing the order.

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