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The cost of buying pellets in France is getting higher and higher

Wood and particulate fuels: a viable alternative?

Although the French are encouraged to reduce their electricity consumption, alternatives such as wood or pellet fuel are increasingly expensive. The French are being tempted by wood heating. But the cost of buying pellets is getting higher and higher.

Giles has invested in two pellets furnaces to supplement his gas fired boiler this year, and he is sure he can do business. But the reality seems much more complicated than he imagined. He said in despair, “I went to the store to find cheap wooden grain bags. I spent a crazy time there.”. Just this weekend, he explained that he drove “30 kilometers” to find the right deal. “I thought I could find a suitable price. When I arrived at the scene, there was no food,” he said angrily. Its investment of 9000 euros – more than 3000 euros funded by the government – seems to decrease as it devours miles. He complained: “We will calculate at the end of winter. I will compare the natural gas bill in 2021 with this year’s bill. But at present, I don’t think I’m doing business.”.

Lyon’s misfortunes are not uncommon. On the contrary, when the price of a bag of 15kg “granules” (the real name of the granules) in some parts of France is lower than 4 euros, it ends. The same amount may exceed 10 euros within a year. The price is sometimes twice the original, which makes consumers feel uneasy. Although the price rise in the early winter of this year seems to have reached a stable level, the fuelwood industry is worried about the development of the market. Due to the increase of production cost and demand, the price of old logs has also increased by 20% to 25% since this summer. France is worried about making a big fuss over the power outage this winter, but the owner of the lucky alternative solution is not calm… Therefore, rumors about chip speculation are spreading.

In order to protect themselves from the rising prices of natural gas and electricity, many French people are scrambling to use particles and wood for heating, which is just the opposite of the rising energy prices: excessive storage and rising prices.


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